June 29th, 2013


Fic: A Single Stick of Kindling

Title: A Single Stick of Kindling
Author: sparrow2000
Characters: Xander, Giles
Written for 2013 summer_of_giles
Category: Gen
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Joss and– Mutant Enemy et al, Shine and the BBC, own everything. I own nothing.
Summary: Xander finds out a bit about Giles’ past and looks to the future
Comments and feedback are cuddled and called George
Beta extraordinaire: thismaz

This is a follow up to my earlier fic The Lightening Spark, in which Xander takes on an assignment at Giles’ request and encounters Merlin in an Edinburgh garden. (don’t you hate it when that happens...) You don’t have to have read The Lightening Spark to read this story (although I’d be delighted if you felt moved to do so), you just need to know that Merlin makes a passing comment that he once did Giles a favour. The following morning Xander decides he has to find out more...

I got a pretty for this fic, and I was thrilled to pieces.

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