June 24th, 2013

SG-1: Puppet O'Neill

Art: Buffy & Giles Mood Theme - Worksafe

Hi all! Hope you are all enjoying this year's summer_of_giles as much as I am. Initially I had only planned on one posting day this year so for today I only have one item, a Buffy and Giles moodtheme for either Livejournal or Dreamwidth. Please Note that in order to use these as a mood theme you must have a paid account of some level. I'm including a zip with all 132 images plus the text files for installing to dreamwidth and LJ. Mood themes are rather exhausting to do (which is why this is only like my second one ever) but I promise to have lots more goodies on my second posting day :D

If you just want to look at the images you can browse them either HERE or HERE.

Instructions for installing for dreamwidth and installing on livejournal.

And the Zip File with all the images.