June 13th, 2013

Covered in what?

Fic: My Renfaire Lady

Title: My Renfaire Lady
Author: Gileswench

Contact: gileswench@yahoo.com

Date: 6/13/13
Timeline: Set during the break between seasons 4 and 5
Summary: Renfaire makes Giles grumpy… until two women help him out
Rating: FRT

Pairing: G/Anya friendship, hints of eventual B/G romance
Category: friendship fic, humor
Distribution: If you've had my permission in the past, you have it now. All others, ask and ye shall receive.

Feedback: Constructive criticism always welcome. Praise abjectly sought.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, etc., etc., etc. I just let them have all the fun Joss won't. I own nothing except my twisted mind which you really don't want. Please don't sue. Notes: This is my first of two fics for Summer of Giles, 2013. Huge thanks to the ever-fabulous Fabrisse for the plotbunny. And yes, I have spent a lot of time at Renaissance Faires. In fact, I met my husband at one… but I never lost sight of the ludicrous anachronisms.

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