June 11th, 2013

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Fic: The Demon's Slumber (Or 'Intervention')

And, according to the calender that I can see, it looks like today might be mine. Soo...

Word count: 1,486
Rating: FR15, themes of domestic violence, alcoholism
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
A.N: Written in that awful moment of depression when I found out about Robin.

The Demons Slumber (Or ‘Intervention’)

Summery: An intervention is never easy. And we don’t always love what’s good for us.

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Every Side

Fic: Right Of Claim 2 Prolouge

Word Count: 3,647
Disclaimer: I’m afraid that I own none of this, aside from plot. Hell, I don’t even own the alphabet that it was written with.
Summery: Continuing from my long piece last year. Giles and Buffy slowly become more relaxed around one another, and Giles is trying to accept what the future holds. But Ethan’s hints can’t prepare him for what is in his far more immediate future.
Warnings: Still going over back-story, too. So, bloodplay, dominance and submission, multi-partner, definite dub-con, can I say etc, etc again?
Rating:FR 17/AO

A.N A huge thanks to Sparrow, for giving me one hell of a guiding hand with the editing process over the first few chapters, and pointing out what to watch out for in later ones.

Right Of Claim Two: Innocence’s Death

Prologue: Empty (What You Want)

“Tell me how to sit around
‘Cause I don’t think you want to know me now”
- Seether – Empty

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Ripper Season 1 Episode Outline (Prelude to Fic)


AN. My new pet project - This particular bunny bit after I came across this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TZ9SJLMeWs on youtube. The extreme basic outline came all in one hit (and about 30 watches), and when I started playing around with expanding the outline I could picture it a lot easier thinking about these as actual episodes. In reality this is probably a far cry from an actual script, but this is word for word the way I picture it.

So sit back and enjoy season 1 of ‘Ripper’.

Rating: PG/M.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Mild Horror, Supernatural Themes
Season 1 Episode Count: 10
Produced by: 0_Ruthless_0 Studios, funding courtesy of the Summer_of_Giles Entertainment Program 2013

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Every Side

Ripper Season 1 Episode 1 (Fic)

Word count: 7,336
Details: Written script-style, although I’m afraid I draw the line at fully capitalizing every name before speech. Again, I experiment with a slightly different style of writing, in an attempt to keep things fresh.
Rating: PG-13/15; about on par with an episode of Buffy.
Warnings: Occasional use of the f-word, some slang scattered throughout, and Buffy-style violence, nothing to OTT. (Laughing) Umm, do I warn for the fact that there will be no slash, when that’s usually my forte, too?

Ripper 1.1) Siren Song
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