June 9th, 2013

Giles Ripper

FANMIX: Ripper - the bad man, the sad man, the magic man, G/FRC

For my first SOG offering, I have a Ripper-inspired fanmix. These songs were released and popular from the time Giles left school and avoided the Council and his destiny, approximately 1970-79, and very possibly would have been ones he would have listened to and enjoyed during that time. I have figured this timeline roughtly from the Giles entry in the Buffy wiki, but I am ignoring specific details it includes, and only refer to the minimal details we get regarding Giles' time as Ripper from the television canon. In other words, I'm ignoring any details brought to light by any comic, S8-9 or otherwise.

Below are images - one cover and two rears with track listings. I have also included detailed liner notes - I really tried to do a lot of research for this, so I hope they are helpful. You can download all the tracks, with images and notes, at this link HERE.

Please note I have marked this as being G/FRC, which the images and text all are. The songs may have some FRT language in them, though, as a heads up.


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giles - gentleman of leasure

Weekly Roundup

We started off with a bang this week with some awesome works! Look back and you'll find dark-sided and kinky Giles, a couple of stories that reveal a lot about our watcher as a young man, and a couple more that examine constructions of family, a new take on a moment in Season 2, another appearance by Ethan to make everything in Giles' life dangerous, music that plumbs our watcher's soul!

And if you haven't taken a look at 'em, please use this handy guide to check it all out! Also, please drop a note to your author/artist - a little feedback goes a long way!

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+ Finding Grace, Part 2 (Gen) FRT by gilescandy
+ Some People Just Aren't That Smart (G/Buffy) PG by horrorfangirl
+ Reminisce (Gen) FRT by will_conqueror1
+ You Watch, But You Don't Observe (G/Other) NC17 by starshine24mc
+ Tickle-scratch (G/OMC) NC17 by callievalpoli

+ Giles Film Noir Movie Posters (worksafe) by katekat1010
+ Ripper - the bad man, the sad man, the magic man (fanmix, worksafe) by harmony033