May 17th, 2013

giles - gentleman of leasure

Updates, Mod Days, etc.

Hi Giles!lovers! I hope you're all having fun imagining Giles in new ways, looking forward to posting what you dream up for us soon! Couple announcements for you.

1. Sign-ups:
Although the final sign up day was technically the 15th, that doesn't mean you still can't claim a day if you want! As always, just drop a note at the sign up post with your info and choose your day and we'll be happy to make it happen.

2. Open Days:
Since we didn't fill all the days this year, we've decided to create Open Days (similar, but not the same as July 31st's Open Posting Day). Instead of asking you to post anything and everything yourself in separate entries (like we still hope you'll do July 31st), we've themed each day. Us (your mods) will put up the main entry for that day, and we'll party together in the comments. So, even if you didn't sign up for a specific day, maybe you'll have the impulse to help out on these days and make them fun!

Open Day schedule:ETA: we had a couple people get all prolific and sign up for some of the Open Days (which is awesome!) ... so, that means that we'll be using the following days as filler (say if someone can't make their sign up). So, prepare your content and keep a look out for mod-posts for the following:

  • Giles Fic Rec Day (any story, any pairing, any time, including podfic! - please give us links and tell us why you love the fic so!)

  • Giles Picspam Day (Any and all photos, screencaps, picspams, gifs, of Giles or Anthony Stewart Head)

  • Giles Fav Vid & Graphics Day (tell us all your favorite Giles-y creations)

3. Dreamwidth
Finally, since LJ has been having lots of problems lately (or at least it's seemed like it when I've tried to go in and edit our sign up post and the like), don't forget we have a mirror community at Dreamwidth: Summer of Giles that you can post to if you like/can't access! Since crossposting doesn't work for comms, I'd still love it if you would drop a link into the LJ community, but I will also catch anything that isn't linked in the Friday round ups.