July 29th, 2012

Giles Reading

FIC: THE CHOSEN ONE (Part 1 of 3)

Title: The Chosen One
Beta: Self and computer – so sorry, I completely ran out of time – please let me know if you see anything and I will fix!
Pairing: Giles and Buffy friendship, er, sort of, after they're sorted out
Other Characters: Edmund Giles (our Giles' Dad), Various Council Dudes, and Demons
Rating: R (just to be safe) for slightly more than series-level vampire-type violence
Text/Font Conventions: Italics represents unvoiced thoughts, emphasis, ancient text or foreign language, based on context.
Length: Approximately 8300 Words, 44,500 Characters, or 22 Pages in 12PT Verdana, total for all three parts.
Timeframe: Total AU, Loosely based on concepts/atmospherics from the Wish!Verse.  The Watcher's Council is sort of a monastic society, and the atmosphere is a bit post-apocalyptic medieval-ish, with very limited technology.
In a Post-Apocalyptic future, one man sets out to find the one girl in all the world who can make it better. Five men before him have died trying.
Disclaimer: Buffyverse and characters property of Joss Whedon, et al. This is a not-for-profit amateur work done with respect and intent of preserving and extending interest in the wonderful world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Warnings: Slightly more than series-level vampire-type violence, a bit o angst, positive and hopeful, if not happy, ending.

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Fic: Warming the Pot

Warming the Pot
Author: sparrow2000
Written for 2012 summer_of_giles
Characters: Xander, Giles
Rating: PG overall
Genre: Pre-slash
Warnings: nothing to frighten the horses
Disclaimer: Joss and Mutant Enemy et al own everything. I own nothing
Summary: Xander’s back early from Africa and drops in on Giles unexpectedly. They drink tea and have a conversation about linguistics.
Beta extraordinaire as always: thismaz
Comments are cuddled and called George

This is a very fluffy one-shot! *g*


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