July 27th, 2012

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FIC: The Darkest Age 1/2

Title: The Darkest Age 1/2
Author: rebelxxwaltz
Rating: A mild M, I suppose, for dark subject matter and eventual violence. Could possibly pass for T.
Characters: In this part, Wishverse Giles and Wishverse Ethan.
Pairing: None, really, although there may be a bit of a leaning towards Wishverse Giles/Wishverse Buffy in the end.
Fic Summary: An AU scene from the Wishverse, including elements from The Dark Age. Wishverse Giles is confronted by his past on a dark and stormy night. When a dangerously altered Ethan Rayne seeks to reunite the old gang once and for all, will Giles have to save himself or will an unexpected ally come to his rescue?
Word Count: This part is less than 1,500 words. Whole story will clock in at less than 5,000.
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers apply. They don't belong to me, but they are fun to play with. Especially the cracky Wishverse versions!
Spoilers: Yes, although this is blatantly AU. Spoilers for The Wish and The Dark Age in particular.
Notes: Unfortunately I was both busy and neglectful during SoG this year and wasn't able to finish in time to post this fic in its entirety today. The remainder of the story will follow during Tuesday's free for all! This is a bit darker than my usual, so be forewarned of a certain absence of humor.
Thanks: to littleotter73 for a welcome dose of encouragement and prodding during her present visit. :D

The Darkest Age
Part 1: A Dark and Stormy Night

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Fic: Giles Vs. The Three Sisters (Giles/DracuBabes) FRAO

My last offering for this wonderful summer.  This turned out nothing like I expected.  I'm not sure that I like it, but I've been assured that it's not too embarrassing to post.  So, see what you think, and thanks to everyone who continually encourages me with your lovely comments on my work.

Author:  Gilescandy ‘12
Title:  Giles Vs The Three Sisters
Rating: FRAO (for flashes of sexual encounters)
Disclaimer:  I’m not Joss.

Summary:  Dracula is gone and The Sisters are in search of a new master.  They were having fun with the giggly one.

A/N:  In the show I know that the Sisters were two brunettes and a redhead, but I like symmetry in the big picture.  Giles has to have a redhead, a brunette, and a blond.  Also, the Sisters are never named in legend.  Verona, Aleera, and Mariska are their names from the movie Van Helsing.  Who doesn’t like some Hugh Jackman?

 Thanks: ashlynvance my beta, and to dracofidus for her help and poking.

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