July 24th, 2012

SG-1: Puppet O'Neill

Fanmix - Yesterday

I think I'm finally happy with the front and back cover art although I'm never happy with the fanmix titles :D. Art is worksafe, music - well it's rock so the requisite warnings apply.

I think a music lover/musician like Giles would have quite an impressive number of Beatles/Beatles alum tunes in his repertoire. These are favorites of mine and ones I'd have love to have heard Giles perform at the Expresso Pump or the Bronze or his home or ... :D I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I don't need to post lyric snippets, but if anyone has any questions as to why a song was included or needs lyrics etc, just let me know. Track 21 is a bonus track of ASH performing live on BBC Bristol.

Hopefully I'll be back a bit later with a few wallpapers provided I don't wind up working overtime again :(


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Weekly Roundup

Another awesome week of Gilesy goodness. Have you read and responded? Excellent.

+ peet4paint: (just a few harmless) fantasies - Giles/Xander, FRAO
+ peet4paint: thirteenth - Giles/Veruca, FRM
+ il_mio_capitano: Xander's Kingdom - Giles, Xander, FRT
+ seldomifever: The One Girl in All the World - Giles/Buffy, FRT
+ 0_ruthless_0: The Way Of Our World part 1, part 2 - Giles/Ethan, FRAO
+ 0_ruthless_0: A Delicate Balance - Giles/Ethan, Buffy, FRT
+ antennapedia: Entangled 1/2, 2/2 - Giles/Buffy, Willow/Xander, FRAO
+ 0_ruthless_0: Comfort - Giles, Ethan, FRT
+ brutti_ma_buoni: Wisdom of the Ancients - Giles, gen, FRT
+ 0_ruthless_0: Cold - Giles/Ethan, FRAO

Drabbles & Ficlets
+ peet4paint: (talk) - Giles, Angel, FRAO

Fan Art
+ 0_ruthless_0: Giles Wallpaper: Lazy Days - *worksafe*
+ chromaggiachill: Video entry #1 - Giles/Jenny fanvid
+ 0_ruthless_0: Fic-Inspired Manipulation (Inspired wholely by Playing With Fire) - *worksafe*
+ 0_ruthless_0: A Decent Mistake - Giles/Ethan manip *worksafe*
+ mythichistorian: Wallpapers: a summer selection - *worksafe*
+ mythichistorian: From the Council's collection - Giles/Cordelia *worksafe*
+ mythichistorian: Giles/Buffy Wallpaper - *not worksafe*

+ harmony033: Fun and Games with Giles! - Giles crossword, trivia, name that ep
+ 0_ruthless_0: Fanmix: Lover and Liar (Hellraiser and Magician) -

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