July 22nd, 2012

Giles/Buffy sepia

FIC: Entangled 1/2 (Giles/Buffy) NC17

Title: Entangled 1/2
Rating: adult
Pairings: Giles/Buffy, Willow/Xander, with other pairings implied
Summary: The timing is going to be tight, but they should be able to deal with the demon and get back home before the heat starts. Giles is sure of it. Famous last words.
Tags: alpha/beta/omega dynamics, dom/sub, biting, marking, pegging, core four
Wordcount: 17K

[A note on alpha/beta/omega dynamics:]
A note on ABO dynamics for newcomers: Fanlore has an article describing the trope. In brief, omegas go into heat and are fertile; alphas mate with the omegas and can impregnate them. Betas are infertile and do not go into heat. This story features a non-animalistic variation on ABO-verse dynamics with no knotting, no self-lubricating butts, and no feminization of male omegas. (Aside from the mpreg, that is.) I have departed from other conventions of the trope where it suited me, but I’ve 100% run with the Excuse for Lots of Sex convention.

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Concluded in part 2.