July 18th, 2012

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Fic-Inspired Manipulation (Inspired wholely by Playing With Fire)

Hope you don't mind, Littleotter. Couldn't shake the mental image, and I thought others might actually like to 'see' Fireman Giles. The picture was rough-shaven, but I had to add a touch of blur in order to make the balance and blend work, so that doesn't quite come across.

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Every Side

Wallpaper: A Decent Mistake

This is a perfect example of having absolutely nothing turn out as planned or pictured, but still getting something that works out of it. To a point. And... I'm slacking. No G/E manipulations from me until now this summer? ... I'm gonna have to work overtime to make it up.

Will be back after work to post more.

Worksafe? Only top halves, so...

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Every Side

Oneshot: Cold

Wordcount: 7,400
Setting: Post Council destruction and series, during the rebuild.
Summery: Someone's keeping secrets.
Rating: The last part of it would put it at FR17, I'd say.
Pairing: Giles/Ethan

A.N - In all honesty I'm not sure -how- I feel about this one. ... But it's well enough written, and I thought it deserved a chance.


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Fanmix: Lover and Liar (Hellraiser and Magician)



Lover and Liar (Hellraiser and Magician)

A Fanmix of Definitions

I suppose you could call it capitalizing on those wonderful picture definitions of earlier, but I prefer to think of it as expanding into necessary territory. I had this thing half done, and between one thing and another this is just the natural pattern that it fell into. I found myself thinking about what defines the man that we know (kudos, Katekat1010, and no, I’m not trying to move in on your territory, either, honest) and how someone else may have seen those definitions defined in youth.

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Fic: Right Of Claim 10/?

Right of Claim banner

Wordcout: 5,121
Warnings, etc: See part 1
Disclaimer: Bugger, you mean I don’t own any of this? I’d have never guessed, seeing as I’ve never seen any royalties.

Chapter 9 – Black And White (And Shades of the Storm)

“On a mountain he sits, not of gold but of shit
Through the blood he can look, see the life that he took”
 - 30 Seconds to Mars – From Yesterday

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Fic: Right Of Claim 14/?

Right of Claim banner
A.N = Does anyone mind if I flip the orders of Teacher's Pet, and Angle, for the purpose of this thing? And... I actually do have the end in sight. Which is saying something. The only toss-up, is whether to round things off properly, or leave it open for a possible re-visit one day...

Wordcount: 5,791

Warnings, etc: Part 1

Disclaimer: I own the thoughts that put this idea to paper, not and of the actual characters. Such a shame, isn’t it?

Chapter 13 – California (Stepping Up To Destiny)

“So pray then, if it makes you feel safe
But all I can say, is we go our own way”
-The Used – On The Cross

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Oneshot (at this stage): Comfort

Setting: Directly after the Council's destruction.
Summery: Sometimes when the world is changed you want to cling to the old.
Wordcount: 1,400
Rating: PG/FRT

This is something I'm playing around with, although nothing else has ever actually made it onto paper. If anyone's interested enough in it thought, I'll give it a shot. And in the mean-time, it works as a oneshot.

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Oneshot: The Way Of Our World

Last piece for the day. I'm not trying to monopolize, honest.
Wordcount for part 1: 6,109
Summery: A young Giles and Ethan piece, set during their school days. And a first time piece.
Rating: FR17

 (Part 1/2, because it's too large, apparently)

A.N - again I call it a one-shot for now, but I've left so much territory open, that it's hard not to play with. And again, I have great and glorious plans. Whether they ever see paper, though...

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