July 16th, 2012


Weekly Roundup

Sorry to post this a day late. Have you all been reading and commenting? Well done! I am trying to catch up myself.

+ anni_q: There's Nothing to Tell - Giles/Xander, Spike, FRT
+ littleotter73: Playing With Fire - Giles/Buffy, FRT
+ aaronlisa: Mistakes - Giles, Faith, FRT
+ froxyn: A Welcome Distraction ch 1, ch 2 - Buffy/Giles, FRAO

Fan Art
+ craterdweller: Buffy & Giles Icons - *worksafe*
+ craterdweller: Yesterday - Giles & Buffy fanvid
+ marzipanilla: 28 Icons- Various - 27 of Giles

This week's posters: harmony033, malnpudl, brutti_ma_buoni, mythichistorian, thdneoncharlie, 0_ruthless_0, seldomifever, il_mio_capitano, peet4paint, misse, and antennapedia.
Giles Computer Session

And now for something completely different....Fun and Games with Giles!

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posting today! I had too many ideas and plans rolling around for my second posting day, and in the end, I've decided to do something completely different! (mods....I hope this is okay....!!!)

It's fun and games with Giles!
::cue game show music::

First, let's start off with a fill-in-the-quote crossword puzzle! I have complete faith that all you Giles fans will recognize these quotes. Should you need the answers, though, I will post them under a cut at the bottom of this post.

Collapse )

Our second fun and games is a Giles trivia challenge! I have tried to come up with some great questions that you may know right off the bat, or may take you a little rewatching to remember! Again, answers at the bottom under a cut.

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Our third and final game involves knowing the episodes visually. A small cropped image of Giles will be provided and you'll need to....Collapse )

I can't really give out prizes, but I'm happy to make a "hooray!" or "congrats!" icon for anyone who wants one! Just message me with a request!

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Thanks for playing!