June 26th, 2012

Every Side

Fic: Right of Claim Part 1/?

The first few parts of my long piece for this round.

Warnings:Warning for drug use, underage, non-con, a touch of slave and master, a bit of bondage (if being collared to a bed counts)... Um, yeah, this is the point where I say etc, etc... And again, something that I blame Stargasm for, for releasing the darker side of my muse.

Summary – When Rupert Giles ran away he stayed somewhere that he really shouldn’t have. Ethan Rayne wasn’t just a powerful Chaos Mage. He was also a two thousand plus year vampire, who exerted his claim over the fifteen year old innocent Watcher’s son. When the Watcher moves to California, in order to take over the active Slayer, Ethan, from his place in the shadows, sees the way that his Watcher looks upon one Xander Harris, and decides to give his pet some room for fun.
Current Pairing: Giles/VampEthan. Eventual Giles/Xander, Xander/VampEthan.

... and I've never written anything quite like this before, so... The Watcher torture continues

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