June 25th, 2012

Sexy G

Fic: Lover's Noose (G/Willow) FRT (part 1/5)

What an amazing display of talent this year.  I'm honored to post my work among you.

Author:  Gilescandy  ‘12
Title:  Lover’s Noose
Rating:  FRT , some language
Pairing:  Giles/Willow sorta, Spike, Scoobies
Timeline:  Season 4.  The five episodes from ‘Pangs’ to ‘A New Man’.
Summary:  Sequel to Lover’s Knot.  When Spike returns, both Willow and Giles are in a period of crisis in their lives.  How will they deal with Spike and each other, having the events of Lover’s Knot in their past?

Thanks: My betas – ashlynvance and thdneoncharlie

A/N:  This is a true sequel.  I highly recommend reading Lover’s Knot first so you understand what’s going on.  If you’d rather have a quick and dirty plot, or just need your memory jogged, highlight here – [ LK was a rewrite of Lover’s Walk in which Willow and Giles were the ones kidnapped.  In order to hurt Willow and destroy Giles, Spike forced them to make a choice.  Either Giles could watch as the vampire raped Willow, or he could have sex with her himself.  Willow chose Giles. ]

Posting here is giving me trouble today, so follow this link for now ---  Lover's Noose!