June 10th, 2012


Weekly Roundup

Wow what an incredible week we've had! Please read/re-read, watch/re-watch, laugh, cry but most especially, go and shower love and feedback on this week's contributors:

gilescandy The Watcher Watch Diary '98 1/9 2/9 3/9 4/9 5/9 6/9 7/9 8/9 9/9 Giles, Ensemble FRM
harmony033 ficlets Seasons 1-4 Various FRT
harmony033 ficlets Seasons 5-7 Various FRT
horrorfangirl An Unexpected Visitor Giles, Ethan FRT
starshine24mc Could We Have Kippers for Breakfast, Mummy Dear? Giles/Xander, Giles/Oz, Giles/Spike NC17
calendiles Weakness Giles. FRT

Videos and Animation
brutti_ma_buoni Stay off the finger sandwiches, and they'll stay off you Giles, Buffy Worksafe though the howling laughter might attract attention.
polly1esther Landfill Giles/Spike NSFW
polly1esther Everything Giles/Buffy Worksafe
polly1esther Tonight I can Write the Saddest Lines Giles/Buffy Worksafe

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there's always floristry

Fic: All things truly wicked (Willow/Giles)

Title: All things truly wicked
Pairings: Willow/Giles, and shades of Buffy/Giles; several canon pairings referenced.
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: ~3000
Summary: The road to redemption is a rocky path. But at least there's no one in the back singing Barry Manilow. 
Warnings: Magical coercion, imaginary gore, and... uh... Willow, still on the lower rungs of her sliding scale from Apocalypse Now back to savior of humanity. Spoilers through "Grave".

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