August 1st, 2011

b/g - in the library

It may be over, but the love goes on!

It's that time again. The time when I kind of kick back, and WAIL because another Summer of Giles has drawn to a close. Wail, and then, like a 3 year old who utterly believes the meaning of Christmas is to bring ME more presents, I clutch all the pretty graphics and all the lovely words you guys posted to my metaphorical heart and go MINE MINE MINE. The awesome part? They're YOURS YOURS YOURS too! Because you amazing people, for two months, came together and contributed to something seriously cool. And I gotta say, every year, I am utterly amazed and delighted and so thankful that you guys run like crazy through our imaginary fields, giving us so many amazing variations of Giles it makes my head spin trying to keep track.

Elizabuffy and I want to say Thank You! Thank you for keeping this community not only alive, but thriving, for another year! We've both been absolutely amazed by your enthusiasm, your dedication, and your talent. It just proves, once again, that the people who love this show, and love our Watcher, are some very fine people indeed.

And despite crazy posting problems, a slightly confused calendar (my fault) and a mod being in Japan, you guys also made this summer an incomparable experience for each other. It's so cool to get to be a part of that, so thank you. Thank you all for coming together again. And letting our Giles!flag fly! :D

As usual, I can write like eight paragraphs of OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOUR CRAZY BRAINS and that wouldn't really adequately express what was going on, so I made presents. Below the cut you'll find awards, and even though they don't have total individualized names on them they are meant for YOU as a thank you. And a reminder. Of how awesome you are. Cuz you're here. And we totally kept (and hopefully will continue to keep) the Giles!love alive, together.

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Please, if you like 'em, pimp 'em around so you can be the envy of all of your friends! Because seriously you guys, it wouldn't seem like summer without you. AND YOU ARE ALL AWESOME. DON'T YOU FORGET IT!


love and hugs,
kate & eb