July 30th, 2011

Giles - librarian
  • ruuger

Giles drawing

My computer died on me last week which ruined my great plans to write fic for Summer of Giles (those of you who were hoping for the final chapter of "If Strangers Meet", keep an eye on my account at Archive of Our Own - if all goes well, it might just appear there next week...), and I had already given up hope of being able to post anything.

But then I when my day came, I thought no, I will not miss what is one of my favourite fests - and armed with only a notebook, a pencil, and a digital camera I managed to produce a quick sketch of the sexy man that we all love :)

(click for larger image)

(I even McGyvered my computer to work long enough to post this - nothing can stand in the way between me and Summer of Giles!)