July 29th, 2011

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Fic: What Happens In Vegas, 2/4?, (Giles/Buffy) R

Title: What Happens In Vegas...
Author: Stexgirl2000
Rating: R
Pairing: Giles/Buffy
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or it's characters. I'm just borrowing them for fun and not making one thin penny from this.
Summary: What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas. Sometimes.
Notes: This is un-beta'd except for the Spell Check, so all mistakes are my own. This was inspired from my own trips to Vegas, driving across the desert to the oasis of light, sound and the promise of hitting it big.

I know I'm late posting this part...I tried five times yesterday to post this and kept on timing out, for now what is obvious reasons. By one a.m. last night I gave up and decided to try again later today.

And then I tried at least seven times today.

So here is part two.

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Mod Post: *clings to you all*

Hey Darling Giles People,

Your mods are sorry for their absence over the last couple of days, but we have a lot of sympathy for LJ not being able to get information out to you. One of us was actually unable to access her account until just now because of a password failure.

We're assuming you guys have been having the same problems (and we've heard from some of you about the posting problems). First off, thank you to misse, stexgirl2000, rebelxxwaltz, laurtew for continuing to try to get their stuff up and onto the comm (I feel like we should have like a US post office motto ... instead of Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds it'll be something like, Neither DOS attacks, nor weird calendars, nor the distractions of real life stays our posters from their dedication to bringing us awesome Giles in his many forms.)

Ok, it's not poetry, but you get the idea.

For anyone who had trouble posting, or for anyone who would like to celebrate a little more, please don't forget that July 31st, Sunday, is our open posting day. If you had a post you couldn't get to work, it seems like LJ has gotten things under control and you may be able to now. If you have a story that you started during this SOG (or any previous summer for that matter) and you have new chapters to add, or a way to finish it, please post on that day! If you have extra graphics (new icons, Giles gifs, anything!) please post 'em on that day!

And if the DOS attacks come back and it's hard to post again, we'll open up for a week in later August to have some sort of quick Giles fest. *fingers crossed that isn't necessary*

I'll let you all get back to your regular giles appreciation now. Thanks everyone for being so patient and awesome about it all!