July 13th, 2011


fic: Nothing quite like it [NC17; Giles/Xander]

Title: Nothing quite like it
Author: consumedly

Beta: spikesgirl58
Chapter: 4/?
Fandom: BtVS
Characters/Pairing: Ripper/Xander
Warning: m/m slash, kink
Rating: NC17
smut / 049 Leather
Disclaimer:click here
Summary: Magic can be used for many different purposes. Including to invade someone's privacy.
Word count: 1309

Author's Note: For those of you who haven’t read it that fiction is porn with a little bit of plot. *psss* It’s a bit silly at times ;-D
Author's Note2: Hеllo everybody *wave* If you want you could help me to think of a name for the whole fiction. You could suggest names in your comments and I'll post a link for a pool in my journal in the last chapter where we'd all vote for one and voilе! What do you think?



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Every Side

Avi Set

Decided to try my hand at avis. Came to the conclusion that I tend to get a little too fiddly with things to really enjoy it, but it did make for an interesting change. You'll have to have a look-see, since I couldn't decide what to use as previews, though.

Giles Solo (2)

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Giles/Willow (2)

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Giles/Ethan (2)

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Giles/Oz (3)

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Giles/Xander (3)
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Giles/Spike (3)

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Every Side

Fic - Phases

A.N *glancing towards that page count* This was meant to be short when I started it


Disclaimer: Songs mine. Thats it. As for the rest of it can I claim squatters rights on Ethan?  I mean, Joss doesn’t seem to want him any more… -looks hopeful-.

Rating: Um, yeah…‘glancing towards the first couple of pages FR17, Id say. Rather be overly-cautious then underly... LOL. Language, and slash. Pretty heavy  towards the start… Um well, *rolls eyes* heavy for me at least.

Pairing: G/E

Word count: (Total) 6,641

Part 1 - 2,356

Summery: Who’s life isn’t built from phase to phase?

Setting: Way, way, pre-series.

Music: Simple Plan - Me Against The World, and Your Love Is A Lie


Phases - Part 1/4


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Every Side

Before you lay me to sleep Part 3/3

Link to Part 1: http://summer-of-giles.livejournal.com/223860.html
Link to Part 2: http://summer-of-giles.livejournal.com/233162.html

Author: 0_Ruthless_0
Setting: Post destruction of the Watcher's Council
Pairing Giles/Ethan
FR: High M, at the least, since this is the slashing (smashing?) conclusion...
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity...

Part III – Before You Lay Me To Sleep



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