July 8th, 2011


Fic: Beer Badder (R)

Hello All!

I've been working hard on putting together some offerings that I hope you will enjoy today.  As with most of my stuff, more cases of extreme situations call for extreme measures.
My first post is on the lighter side.  I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Title: Beer Badder
Author: gilescandy
Rating: R
Paring (characters): Giles/Willow non-ship (Xander, Buffy)
Disclaimer: Joss wrote them first!
Timeline: Season 4: Beer Bad. Only push Willow’s storyline up a day or two so she’s already worried about Oz and goes drinking with Buffy.
Summary: The boys have to deal with a Cave-Slayer and a Cave-Witch. Poor boys!

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Fic: For Him (PG)

Second today I have another short.  I'll admit it came out a little sweet for my taste, but others seem to love it.  I hope some of you enjoy it too!

Title: For Him
Author: gilescandy
Rating: PG
Paring (Characters): Giles, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya, Dawn
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss et at. I’m just playing.
Timeline: Takes place a few weeks after “The Gift”.
Summary: Giles is deeply depressed after Buffy’s death. The gang takes action to show him he’s still cared for.
Note: When I started this it was meant to be pure smut, but the kids got all mature on me and gave him what he needed instead. They don’t listen to me anymore!

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Fic: Magister (A Vamp!Giles) (PG) Ch. 1&2 of 14

My last offering today will come in several posts.  I'm now going to break one of my own rules.  I usually don't like to share stories that aren't complete, but you can thank my sister and mmagnet_ff for convincing me that you guys will enjoy starting this anyway.
So, here is my contribution to the evil Giles theme this summer.  I will do my best to have more by the free for all day.  Hope you enjoy! 

Completed SoG 2011!


Title: Magister
Author: gilescandy
Disclaimer:  Characters from Buffy and Angel belong to Joss Whedon et al.
Rating: NC-17 overall.  (Chapter ratings with each post.)
Pairings:  Haha!  Giles/?  Basically, Vamp!Giles wants, Vamp!Giles has.
Warnings:  At the beginning of each chapter.
Timeline:  A/U.  I had to mess with time to get the combination of characters and past events I wanted.  So, the Buffy crew is at the beginning of season seven, only it’s a few weeks before Dawn starts school, Giles came back with Willow to help her settle in, Anya is human again, and Spike has had time to get used to his soul.  The Angel crew has been in a rut.  They’re in season two just after moving into the Hyperion.  And Faith is in Buffy seven, reformed and escaped from prison.  Just go with it, you should catch on pretty quick.
Summary:  It's a Vamp!Giles.  Let the mayhem commence!

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