June 26th, 2011

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What Ripper Wants - Giles/Xander - 8 (NC17)

Sincere apologies for posting out of date and for taking so long with this - RL has totally kicked my butt. I will do a link to the master!post on each chapter to make it easier to find everything. In the meantime, here is chapter 8 of What Ripper Wants.

Title: → What Ripper Wants....
Pairing: → Giles/Xander
Prompts: → #07 : Duty @ fc_smorgasbord & #258 : Prisoner @ tamingthemuse
Part:→ 8/10
Beta: Swift once-over by theladymerlin but any mess ups are mine!
Rating: → NC17
Master!post: Master
Word Count: 1652
Summary: → When everything else is gone, it's time for the Watcher to let himself go and give in to what Ripper wants.....
Warning: → Top of each section
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