June 5th, 2011


Fic: Lover's Knot (Giles/Willow) NC17 (Part 1)

Hi, Guys.  This is my first time posting.  I chose two of my favorite stories for you today.  I want to let you know, though you’ll notice most my work has a G/W pairing, I don’t consider myself a normal shipper.  I more throw them into extreme situations and see what they do.

I hope you enjoy.  Remember, I’m a virgin, so be gentle.  I know he would.  (BTW, if that joke didn’t at least make you smile, my stuff probably won’t hit the spot for you.)

Title: Lover’s Knot
Rating: NC17 / FRAO
Pairings:  Giles/Willow non-ship, Giles/Spike slightly
Warnings: Angst, forced sexual contact.
Disclaimer:  Characters belong to Joss et al.  I just play with them.
Timeline: Season three, Lover’s Walk

Summery:  In the episode “Lover’s Walk”, what if Spike had captured Willow and Giles?  How far would our favorite librarian go to protect one of his girls?
Note:  This was inspired a lot by the wonderful story “Lover’s Retreat” written by dragonydreams.  The ‘what if’ just wouldn’t leave me alone, so this is my version of how it could have happened.

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Fic: Mistress of Pain (Giles/Willow) R

All Right.  Here’s my second story today.  A while back we were re-watching Dopplegangland, and this one planted itself in my head and wouldn’t let go.  So, here’s to the dark side!

Hope you enjoy!

Title: Mistress of Pain
Author:  Gilescandy
Rating:   R/FRM
Pairing:  Giles/Willow
Warnings:  Bondage, Torture, Nudity, Bloodplay.
Disclaimer:  Characters belong to Joss et al.  You know the drill.

Timeline:  Season Three, Doppelgangland
Summery:  After the events of Doppelgangland Giles is troubled by new thoughts and feelings, but Willow shows up to set him straight.


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