April 18th, 2011

b/g - in the library


Welcome to the 2011 summer_of_giles! We're ready again to celebrate two months of Giles-y goodness and we hope you are too. Remember, from June through July this site will be devoted to Rupert Giles, our favorite Watcher, librarian, sometime magician, smart, occasionally sarcastic, warm-eyed, sexy and protective man from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you're hesitant about signing up (say you had a date last year but you didn't make it, or you're feeling shy) - please sign up for a day! We welcome everybody! Especially if you want to get your toes wet for the first time in making something fandom related!  



Sign Ups start - Now!!!
Sign Ups end - May 31th, 2011

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Posting Begins - June 1st, 2011
Posting Ends - July 31st, 2011


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For any questions, please leave a comment to any mod post one of your mods will will be happy to answer!!

Let the fun begin!!!
katekat1010 & elizabuffy