April 8th, 2011

b/g - in the library

*waves* We're here if you are!

Hello Giles-lovers! We just wanted to post a note saying that we still want to run Summer of Giles 2011 if you still want to participate!

We're gonna open the sign-up post and claiming April 15th (which is next week Friday!!) so be on the look out for those posts...

(and OMG it is the 6th year SOG has been in existence... 6th! CRAZY!)
b/g - in the library

SOG on LJ AND Dreamwidth

Also, we have *no* idea (yet) how this is going to work with posting or anything, but we've created a sister/mirror community for summer_of_giles at Dreamwidth:

[community profile] summer_of_giles

You are welcome to join with your dreamwidth accounts. We will try to figure out how posting might work on both comms so that everyone everywhere sees the good Giles stuff every day by the time the fest actually starts posting.

And if any of you out there have seen something similar happen in other communities and have suggestions of what works (and what doesn't), please comment and let us know!