March 14th, 2011

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Help_Japan Round-Up Post

Help_Japan@Dreamwidth : help_japan

As you all know, Japan suffered some serious disasters that began with the massive earthquake (and frankly, the country is still reeling and still possibly being hit by more.)  There are several fandom auctions happening right now to help Japan recover. 

We here at SOG would like to help signal boost by doing a link round-up of offers by our members, and offers about Giles-related fic and artwork.

Drop us a link in the comments if you have an offer anywhere or know of one that fits.  This post will be edited with a list of links as soon as possible.

brutti_ma_buoni is offering Jossverse or Discworld fic here
secondalto is offering fic for a variety of fandoms and pairings here
elementalv is offering fic for a variety of fandoms here
cornerofmadness is offering two opportunities - one for fanfic including Buffy and one to my professional persona offeringing original fiction here
katekat1010 is offering movie poster graphics for fanfic here
ljs is offering multifandom fic and would be pleased to write Giles/Anya here

Thanks all!