August 3rd, 2009

b/g - in the library


First off, you guys? One thing that EB and I finally got together was your end-of-summer awards! So please, if you commented once on a post this summer, if you posted a drabble, or an icon, or multiple icons or walls or long fics or anything... please look behind the cut and pick an award! It's our little way of saying THANK YOU for all the awesomeness you've helped create this summer.

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ALSO, for the first time ever summer_of_giles has been nominated for best website (or as the rwsawards call it, "Better Crypts and Graveyards" category). THANK YOU SO MUCH WHOEVER NOMMED US!! WE ARE BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS.

check out the comm, other nominees, etc, here:

(and speaking of noms, if you liked any of the posts this summer at SOG, consider submitting them for nomination - it's one of the greatest ways to recognize the work of someone you like!)