July 30th, 2009

Fic: Last Man Standing Giles/Dana Scully (implied) FRM (1/1)

 Today is my day! I want to thank katekat1010  and elizabuffy for continuing to run summer_of_giles . For you today, I have two stories. The first is something I felt compelled to write one day and the second is more fun (and smutty!). So I hope you enjoy them both.

Summary: Giles reflects on those he’s lost.

Spoilers: Future fic, both post Chosen and NFA

Warnings: Multiple character deaths. Angst.

Disclaimer: Not mine in any way, shape or form. Not for profit, just for fun.

Distribution: My LJ and site, anywhere else just ask.

Authors Notes: I wrote this mainly for me, if anyone else enjoys it, that’s just a great bonus. Also written for Summer of Giles 2009. Follows Supernatural Sunnydale and Lost Souls.

He should have been inured to the affects of grief by now. But it surprised him that he was not. 

Fic: Old Enemy Buffy/Giles, past Giles/Ethan FRAO (1/1)

 Spoilers: Post Chosen

Summary: Buffy finds a surprise visitor in Giles’ house.

Disclaimer: MINE! Not really, but a girl can wish, yes?

Distribution: My LJ, my site, anywhere else just ask.

Author’s note: Written for summer_of_giles 2009. With thanks to xdawnfirex  for giving me the prodding I needed.

“Lemme guess, it involves sex.  These rituals of his always seem to involve sex or blood.”

giles - tony casual by kate

Giles free-for-all!!

Just a reminder, today is the last day of summer_of_giles. As such, it is the day to post anything Gilesy you might have. Finished that WIP you started for SoG? Post it here! Made some new Giles graphics since your last post? Share them with us!

Kate and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.

Happy posting!!

~EB and Kate
BtVS- Giles smug

Fic: Terennoaptre 9-13/? [BtVS, FRT thru FRAO, B/G]

I think we should do Autumn of Giles, Winter of Giles and Spring of Giles also myself :) I hate to wait a whole 'nother year!

As promised, here's more of the continuing saga. Thanks once again to my amazing beta lauratew. Remainder of story will be posted to this comm when completed. More chapters to come in August!

Warning: Ratings fluctuate in this new batch of chapters:

New Chapters:
Chapter IX: The Grand Ball (Rated FRT)
Chapter X: Morning Glory (Rated FRAO)
Chapter XI: Rain (Rated FRM)
Chapter XII: Supernova (Rated FRAO)
Chapter XIII: Coronation (Rated FRT)

Previous Chapters (all Rated FRT:
Chapter I: King
Chapter II: Farewell Sunnydale
Chapter III: Country
Chapter IV: Duchess
Chapter V: Fear Factor
Chapter VI: Remembrances
Chapter VII: Pen Pals
Chapter VIII: Reunion

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Hope you all enjoy! Happy Summer of Giles! Feedback is love! :D