July 28th, 2009

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Fic: And Straight On Till Morning (Giles/Xander) Part 1 of 2

Squeaking in just under the wire, I think--crazy time zone differences!

Title: And Straight On Till Morning
Author: Pierson
Characters/Pairing: Giles/Xander
Rating: PG, this part.
Word Count: 7660
Disclaimer: Do I own them or make money off them? No. Do I have fun with them? Yes.
Warnings: Pssht. Guys say swear words.
Summary: It is the courage to continue that counts.
A/N 1: Thanks to the hard-working mods for continuing to organize this lovely community!
A/N 2: These are not the droids you're looking for. Um. This is not really the story I meant to write. Or it is, but not exactly in this way. This is a followup to Through The Twilight, a story I wrote for the gilesxander Octoberfest last year. Only it's not. That story would've been probably ten times as long, with much more detail and possible angsting and hopefully humor and wild, crazy magicksex. However, that story was not at all cooperative. This is the story you get when on Saturday afternoon you realize that OMG, I HAVE A STORY DUE ON MONDAY and start madly scribbling. Hopefully, you'll like this red-headed stepchild. Thanks to the lovely northernveil and rosewildirish for betaing on the fly.

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