July 26th, 2009


FIC: Mutual Comfort (Giles and Cordelia) PG

Title: "Mutual Comfort"
Author: Lena
Fandom: Buffyverse
Warnings: Mentions of Death
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1875
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon is God, and I'm just a lowly worshipper. None of this is mine...blah, blah, blah.
Summary: After Buffy runs away at the end of season 2, Giles is all alone, until Cordelia decides that she needs comfort b/c Xander broke up with her and, well, Giles is about all she really has.

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Sunday Feedback List!

Hi all!  Just when the summer is coming to a close we've had some absolutely lovely postings this week. 

Mod-ly things:

  • *sniff* next week is our last week of posting, and EB & I will be so sad to see it all end. *clings to you all tightly*
  • REMEMBER, though, that July 31st is our open posting day!  So if you started a Giles!fic this summer (or any other Summer SOG has been running) and have more updates for us, please feel free to post them.  OR if you finished some artwork in the last couple of weeks.  OR if you missed the sign ups this year and wanted to post something anyway -- it's all welcome!!  July 31st is your day!
  • Also, it's been a very slow week for feedback - don't forget to drop authors and artists a note letting them know if you liked their fic / artwork (even if it's just a particular line you liked, or a single icon).  Feedback is the way we share the love, and when you share it, there's more to go around.
Now, for this week's posts:

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+ Old Friends Make the Worst Enemies (Giles, Martha & the Doctor, PG) by sahiya
+ Roman Holiday (G/Xander, Adult) by cordelianne
+ Four Times Giles Refused to Talk about Ethan Rayne and the One Time He Finally Did (G/Ethan, PG) by graiae
+ Mutual Comfort (Giles & Cordelia, PG) by lena7623

+ 17 icons + taking requests by ruuger
+ Various Giles pairings wallpapers + Icons by noelia_g

And rounding out our summer will be posts from pierson, antennapedia, lycomingst, firefly124, and secondalto!