July 14th, 2009

ladyforash monkeyscorpion

Fic: My Interview With Rupert Giles

Title: My Interview With Rupert Giles
By: LadyForASH
Rated: FRT
Pairing: GASP, there is none! This is gen Giles. Mostly. Er, you’ll see.
Summary: Post Chosen. Several years later, in London. AU. This is what happened when I interviewed Giles!
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is strictly written for fun. Please enjoy.
Written for Summer of Giles, 2009 :)

Special thanks to wide_rider, monkeyscorpion and clavally for the betas and advice.

Questions and Prompts provided by: ljs, bookishwench, helenkacan, wide_rider, lily_diablo, froxyn, myhrmaid, opalesence_, escargoat, fairygothmum, xenaclone, monkeyscorpion, urania_calliope, sunbrae, and qb_fox.

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