June 30th, 2009

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Ficlet: Big Yellow Taxi Guy

All right, it is technically after midnight where I am, but I got back later from picking my cat up at my parents' house than I expected. And in Hawaii, it is still the 29th. So here you go - one last ficlet. Thanks so much to everyone who prompted, and my apologies to those whose prompts I didn't get to. They were all great and I wanted to do all of them - alas, it just didn't work out.

Title: Big Yellow Taxi Guy
Rating: G
Summary/Prompt: For mammothluv, who wanted "Buffy/Giles - something set right after or sometime in the summer after "Grave."

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What are your Favorite Giles Crossovers?

So, in lieu of a post today, how about a fic rec discussion?

One of the things I've found in fandom is how it expands your horizons.  Even shows or books or other fandoms that I didn't realize I loved, I learned to love once they were crossed with my favorite Watcher.

And some of the most interesting fics at summer_of_giles have been crossovers. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Bibliophilia (Btvs/Merlin) by glimmergirl where Glim explores Merlin's long life... through the young eyes of our favorite Watcher.

Everything Changes (Btvs/Torchwood) by starshine24mc where Michele wonders what would happen if Jack and Giles were to encounter each other in a dark alley one night.

Recruit (Btvs/Harry Potter) by ubiquirk who imagines a Watcher's council that needs to recruit that irascible wizard Severus Snape.

(though seriously, just check out the crossover tag because every one is worth reading).

And one of my all time favorite old-school crossovers is by elementalv's The Key's Watcher / Dark Haven series (found here if you scroll down the page), where Giles and Dawn are transported into the Anita Blake-verse (written by Laurel Hamilton). When I read these for the first time I realized how *much* I liked the characters from the AB-verse, but also how much cooler they were when Elementalv was writing them because we could see them through Giles' eyes. (And also, Jean-Claude actually got to have some fun with Giles, which I think was good for them both).

So, what are your favorite crossovers?? Links? Share with the comm!