June 29th, 2009

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Call for ficlet prompts!

Because entropy increases and my life has conspired against me (and because I spent the weekend getting drunk at San Francisco Pride instead of chaining myself to my keyboard), I don't have a completed fic for today. BUT, that means you're in luck, my fellow SoG'ers, because I am taking ficlet prompts. No guarantees on length, but I will write any (well, almost any) pairing and any rating. H/C prompts especially welcome, because that is my forte.

Prompt away!
b/g - in the library

Monday Feedback!

Hi all!  Here's a list of the posts for last week - the chance to see if you missed anything, or go back and revisit for fun!  And remember, every time you feedback Pinocchio gets turned into a real boy!  (Ok, not really) But it will make an author or artist's day, so please leave 'em a comment.

+ Wallpapers, Manips and a banner to go (worksafe) by mythichistorian

+ Moths & Rainwater (G/Dru, R) by duh_i_read
+ A Rose by Any Other Name (Meta-fic, G) by brutti_ma_buoni
+ Learning to be Flexible (Giles/Illyria/Spike, NC17) by brutti_ma_buoni
+ Wake-Up Call (G/Spike, NC17) by rokstarpeach
+ Charms and Tidings, Part 1, Part 2 (G/Olivia, R) by duh_i_read
+ Drum Taps (Giles, Willow, Faith, FRT) by mediumrawr
+ Chasing Darkness Part 1 (G/Ethan, NC17) by lily_diablo

Coming up this week at SOG: sahiya, snapeophilia, gylzgirl, mammothluv, fluffyllama, katekat1010, soft_princess, froxyn, anyjay

And a Mod Announcement:
I have finally added fic rating tags to the tags! So please, when you're tagging your posts, don't forget to choose their ratings!
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Ficlets: "Virtues" and "Smooth Hit"

There are three or four more coming later, but I thought I'd start with these two. None of them are beta'd, but they were fun (and I'm very glad to have something to post today, whew).

Let this serve as a disclaimer that I don't own any of them, Joss does.

Title: Virtues
Rating: PG for Faith's mouth
Summary/Prompt: For antennapedia, who wanted "Giles/Faith, tattoos and target practice." Two outta three ain't bad.

Collapse )

Title: Smooth Hit
Rating: PG for drug use
Summary/Prompt: For whichclothes, who wanted "Giles/Spike, drugs and regrets." Not at all shippy unless you squint.

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Ficlets: "Entertainment Value" and "Proud"

And two more. There will be at least one more after this, possibly two. Which isn't bad, considering I started the day with zero.

Title: Entertainment Value
Rating: G
Summary/Prompt: For katekat1010, who wanted "Giles/Buffy, stubbed toes."

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Title: Proud
Rating: G
Summary/Prompt: For cmk418, who wanted "Giles/Xander - season 4 - Xander gives Giles a pep talk." And also because I went to Pride this last weekennd.

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