June 27th, 2009

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FIC: Drum Taps (Giles, Willow, Faith), FRT

Title: Drum Taps
Author: Rawr
Rating: FRT
Characters/Pairing: No Pairing; Giles, Willow, Faith
Time: At least several months after the current Season 8 canon, by my reckoning.
Summary: Giles sends Willow an e-mail. With links. Clearly, the world is coming to an end.
Warnings: This story doesn't explicitly delve into anything mature, but it does hint obscurely at several characters' unsavory pasts. Sorry.
Author's Note: Ah, yes. This fic took three tries to write. Originally it was an extremely claustrophobic Giles/Faith story with a much higher rating. I stumbled around that for almost a month, and it eventually evolved into this. Which I finished writing about an hour ago. In my head, this story is entirely about Giles. On paper, it seems to have come out somewhat differently. I apologize.
Posted for summer_of_giles
Feedback: I can't know what to improve without feedback. I can't know what I did right without feedback. Please, please, please.

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