June 24th, 2009


FIC: A Rose By Any Other Name (Giles)


I have two fics to post for my first ever contributions here. The second will follow after a decent interval, as smutfic doesn't really mix with bibliography... But I like to think the combination evokes Giles in all his many aspects. (Or something.)

Title: A Rose By Any Other Name
Author: bruttimabuoni
Rating: G
Medium: Fic(ish)
Word count: c320
Warning: Pedantry
Summary: Giles is a librarian, yes? And librarians classify, especially if they’re attached to vast ancient organisations which need to keep track of their information. And if you’re a librarian you’ll certainly understand how loaded classification can be, and how much it tells you about the society which created it. I just hope this translates to the rest of the world...

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Baby giles

FIC: Threesome Threeways I: Learning to Be Flexible (Giles/Illyria/Spike)

My second and final posting. It is a tiny bit different to the first...

*shifty eyes*

Title: Learning to Be Flexible
Word count: c1550
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Giles/Illyria/Spike
Summary: three non-teenagers stuck in the stronghold of the Slayerettes. They can’t play gin rummy all the time... Can they?
Warning: Gratuitous smut, verging on crackfic. I really have no idea where this came from. But you did say the community welcomes ALL pairings...

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Wake-Up Call (Spike/Giles)

For my second day, a little bit of Giles/Spike nummies.  Oh, this comm is so much fun.  There can just never be too much Giles :)

Title: Wake-Up Call

Pairing: Spike/Giles

Rating: Adult

Summary: Spike is sick of sleeping in the bathtub, so he decides to break out, and sneaks upstairs in the middle of the night to pay Giles a visit.


Giles was shirtless, probably because of the heat, with only a thin sheet covering him from the waist down. )