June 21st, 2009

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Sunday Feedback List

It's that time again!  We had an absolute smorgasboard of Giles-y goodness this week, and just in case you missed a post here it is for you to revisit, or say hello to for the first time.

And remember, every time you feedback a butterfly will land on your nose (ok, not really) but you really may make an author or artist's day, so please leave 'em a comment and tell 'em you liked what they did.

+ 6 Wallpapers by lostgirlslair (G/Ethan, Wes, Faith, Xander, may be slightly NSFW)
+ 14 Icon Bases by laurtew
+ 5 Icons, 10 Banners, 10 Wallpapers (G/Buffy, worksafe) by blairprovence
+ 10 movie posters for 8 fics by katekat1010

+ 10x100 Word Drabbles (Gen) by fairygothmum
+ A Man for All Seasons (Gen) by laurtew
+ Sochar Bais (Gen, PG) Part 1 and Part 2 by laurtew
+ Vacation (all I ever wanted) (Giles & Faith, PG13) by ubiquirk
+ Love is an Evil Word (Buffy/Giles, G) by glimmergirl
+ Concentrate (Giles/Wes, NC17) by rockstarpeach
+ Pride (Gen, PG13) by aaronlisa
+ Bibliophilia (G/Merlin, PG13) by glimmergirl

+ Fanvid: Nobody's Diary by fairygothmum (Giles/Buffy, worksafe)
+ Meta: Acrostic Giles by laurtew
+ Fanmix: Welcome to my Life by fairygothmum
+ Fanvid: The Eyes of the Night by fairygothmum

ETA: Look who's posting next week!
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