June 10th, 2009

rayée, chouette, un

FIC : Diptych, part I-3

 This is the third part of the first panel of a G/S story, focusing on sixth moments of their relationship. I tried to give the whole story a pictural quality.  It can be read as a standalone and focuses on Giles. You can have a look at part I-1 and part I-2 of Dyptich too, to have a whole survey of the first panel of the story and better understand where the characters do come from.

Canon : I use it in my own way 

Characters : we all know to whom they belong. Not us, alas. But at least J Whedon let us the right to play with them.

Length : around 7710 characters

Rating : this part PG

Beta: the lovely  </a></b></a>shapinglight without whom this story wouldn't have looked like anything in proper English.

Summary : what makes a person?

Diptych I-3: here