June 9th, 2009

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Hey! It's after midnight. That means it's my posting day.

By Any Other Name
Written by anyjay for summer_of_giles
The fic is 3500 words, plus I went a little overboard on the author’s notes.
Giles and Ethan preslash or friendship, Giles/OFC, all pre-series
Summary: He’s changed his name from time to time. She changed hers once, as well.
Beta’ed by Mr. Jay.
Disclaimer: Ethan Rayne and Rupert Giles are the property of Joss and Mutant Enemy.

This is a prequel to The Need to Believe, which was set during season 3. An incidence in this story is also mentioned in my first fanfic Come Hither, set post-Chosen, but I don't know yet whether Come Hither is really in the same verse as The Need to Believe and this fic.

Warning: Giles is going to seem like an incredible hypocrite, if you don’t read The Need to Believe first.

I didn’t try to convey the different English accents used here through altered spelling because (1) it’s hard to write and hard to read and (2) I don’t think I could accurately convey the accents anyway. I hope they will be clear from the word usage. I’d appreciate feedback on that, though.

Luck favors the prepared, Ethan thought