June 6th, 2009

b/g - in the library

Grahics Special Offer: Movie Posters [closed]

Hello fellow Giles lovers!

I have an offer to make to all of you Giles writers out there.  I'd like to make "movie posters" for your fics.  If you haven't written the fic yet, that's fine.  If you wrote the fic ages ago, that's fine too.  If it's still a WIP, that's ok as well.

So if you'd like to have a fic poster that might turn out like this, or this, or this or some combo from those pages and out of my imagination, Collapse )

ETA: Mond 3:26 PM CST -- THERE ARE NO MORE REQUESTS OPEN (SORRY).  I'll (hopefully) be doing more of these requests posts for the summer, so if you didn't get the chance to ask for a poster, keep your eyes peeled for the next time

20) dragonydreams
19) nothorse
18) penwiper26
17) alwaysjbj
16) ubiquirk
15) blairprovence
14) scratchingpost1
13) lycomingst
12) merrilily
11) urania_calliope
10) ladyforash
9) gylzgirl
8) anyjay
7) froxyn
6) anyssia/drsquidlove
5) polly1esther
4) bruttimabuoni
3) antennapedia
2) shapinglight
1) duh_i_read (Ersatz Fiction)