June 3rd, 2009


And Yet. 1/1 by Dr Squidlove

And Yet.
by Dr Squidlove

It has been a very long time since Giles used people and magic for his own pleasure, and he paid dearly for it. And yet...

Giles/Xander. Vignette.
Set in late season three, vaguely.

Rated NC-17 for sex and an edge sexual violence. There is no non-con here, but if you dislike dubious consent, then you probably won't like this. Everyone is over 18; I do not warn for anything else.

Wordcount: 1000. Just a little quickie.

And yet, by Dr Squidlove

Neither Lovely Nor Temperate

Title: Neither Lovely Nor Temperate
Author: nothorse
Rating: G
Word Count: 481
Character: Giles
Spoilers: Between Seasons 5 and 6
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money.

What was I thinking when I entered summer_of_giles? This has been the most frustrating thing to write. I have started about 4 different stories and none of them went anywhere. As I don't want to default, here's a few snapshot of a difficult summer.

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