June 2nd, 2009

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Favorite Giles Moments: Season 4, Part B

In the great tradition of this comm, I'm proud to bring you more of my favorite moments of Giles from Season 4! Again, remember, this is my favorite Btvs season, so I have an unholy number of images behind the cut for you to remember, and enjoy, of our favorite Watcher!

And to lead it all off, since I'm starting at Beer Bad (and going until we're done with A New Man), I give you this little exchange from Giles and Xander:

Giles:       I can't believe you served Buffy that beer.
Xander:   I didn't know it was evil.
Giles:       You knew it was beer.
Xander:   Well, excuse me, Mr. 'I spent the sixties in an electric-kool-aid-funky-Satan groove.'
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