August 1st, 2007

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5 x Giles manips and 3 x accompanying wallpapers

I'm not sure if I'm early or late due to timezone differences, but what the hey.  Here's my Giles thing! I hadn't intended a theme, it just sort of turned out that way.  Which is my favourite kind of happy accident.

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If people want to use these for headers/layouts/icons, be my guest.  Credit is nice, but not necessary.

Unfortunately, after today I'm going to have severely limited internet access until I get a new ISP, so if you comment...I won't see it. Woe.  But even so, I'm giving out snugs and gushing thanks to everyone who has been a part of summer_of_giles.
b/g - in the library

To our darling Summer of Giles people…

Elizabuffy and I want to say Thank You! Thank you for keeping this community not only alive, but thriving, for another year! We've both been absolutely amazed by your enthusiasm, your dedication, and your talent. It just proves, once again, that the people who love this show, and love our Watcher, are some very fine people indeed.

You all should be fantastically proud of everything you did to make this community work – and seriously it was you guys, you writers and graphic artists, css coders, music choosers, and feedbackers – who made all the love go round. This year we had over 200 posts! And for two whole months we got to have Giles on our flist for sure every single day. We had so many pairings we had to create new tags and the ones that were here from last year are well worn out! Best of all there was an absolute ton of Giles!love. And that's all because of you guys.

So THANK YOU. Thank you for writing. Thank you for graphic-ing. Thank you for commenting and telling people you loved their work. Thank you for being fantastic to each other this summer. It just proves that our fandom ROCKS beyond belief.

And, as a little updated thank you, please check behind the cut. EB and I have created some awards for you all this year – if we could we'd make one for every single one of you individually. But, as there are so frigging many of you (something that delights us and makes us get out of our seats and dance every time we realize how much Giles!love there is out there) these little mementos will have to do… these are for everyone who wrote, everyone who posted graphics, and everyone who gave feedback at our little comm. If you did one thing here at Summer of Giles, we want you to have one of these!

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So you wonder, what next? What more shall we do now that Summer of Giles is over?

We have a suggestion:

If you found a fic you liked here, or a graphic that you thought was fantastic, or someone who did such a great job you want 'em thanked in some way, PLEASE take a look at the awards sites below and nominate them for an award!! All of the award sites below allow Giles-related work, and trust me, work with Giles as the main character is NOT well enough represented in the nominations! Details about each award below the cut.

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But most of all, remember to keep up the Giles!love all year round! And we'll do our best to be back here next year and hope you will too.

Mucho hugs and massive love,
katekat1010  &  elizabuffy