July 31st, 2007

g/x - I love my Giles

Icons: all and sundry

So, for my final post here today... I give you an icon spray (so to speak)... all kinds of pairings including Giles/Wes, Giles/Ethan, Giles/Xander, Giles/Joyce, Giles/Anya, Giles/Buffy... and some Giles only icons from the early seasons!

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b/g - in the library


And what a list it is!!  Sadly, all great things have to come to an end and the summer part of summer_of_giles is one of them.  This is your last links list for this summer.  However, be on the lookout tomorrow, as EB and I have a special little note for all of you.

And lastly, but absoultely not least ... remember, when you feedback you make the muses smile!  And that's a fact!  So leave a little note of feedback and let these fantastic authors and graphic artists know they're appreciated!

Graveside (G/Jenny Gen, FRC) by hobgoblinn
Blade (G/OC, FRAO) by helenkacan
Owned (G/Wes, FRAO) by helenkacan
Redemption (G/? slash, FRAO) by helenkacan
Not Gentle (G/Buffy, FRAO) by glimmergirl
Seek Not... (Giles gen, PG) by rivendellrose
It Never Happened (G/Spike, R) by shadowcast  (links to next chapter included)
A Heavy Darkness Falling (G/Willow, R) by sahiya (links to next chapter included)
Slayers & Stargates & Smoochies (G/Buffy) by secondalto
Truth Sets Him Free (G/Buffy) by secondalto
Comfort (Giles & Xander) by secondalto
Can't Forget You (G/Anya, FRT) by secondalto

Practical Magic Wall (G/Anya) by hotspur18
Giles' Bulletin Board Wall by quoshara
Giles "Relaxation" manip by quoshara
Touch of Romance (G/Anya) by quoshara
Another relaxed Giles Wall by quoshara
Giles "Taking a Break" manip/wall by quoshara
Lots o' Icons by quoshara
Giles header/wall & icon by apreludetoanend
"Black & Red" Build your own Giles/Buffy layout by pixelleate
"Something to Someone" Build your own Giles/Buffy layout by pixelleate
"Blue" Build your own Giles layout by pixellate
7 Giles/? Wallpapers by katekat1010
Memory of a Kiss Layout (G/Buffy) by katekat1010
Giles only banners by katekat1010
5 x Giles & 3 accompanying walls (noir themed) by dwg
I'll be your Watcher Layout by katekat1010
3 Giles/? banners by katekat1010
50 Giles icons by katekat1010

Fanmix "Early Days" by trepkos (artwork by lostgirlslair )
Fanmix "Latter Days" by trepkos (artwork by lostgirlslair )