July 7th, 2007

Giles artwork

I'm not totally sure about time difference but it's the 7th here in Germany and I won't be able to do the post later this day so I hope it's okay. :)
Originally this post was planned to be so much bigger but my muse isn't that nice with me at the moment. *pouts* I definitely have to tell her it's simply impossible to get that mulish when it comes to Giles...
Err... back to the topic... There are four banners, 20 icons and two walls behind the cut which sounds more than it really is because they all look very similar. *pouts more*
'kay, I guess I should be quiet now... *gg*


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giles - grey-glasses

Feedback Saturday!

Hello my favorite Giles lovers!  It's time again for that list of lists ...

And remember, every time you feedback someone will magically sing on key during drunken karaoke!  (Actually, not really, but you will make an author/artist very happy, so please leave a comment and spread the love!)

Mortality (Giles+Ethanish, G) by shapinglight
Recruit (Giles/Snape, NC17) (links to other chapters) by ubiquirk
The Big 5-0 (Giles/Buffy, FRC) by gilesbabe
What Are You Going to Do? (Giles/Buffy, G) by briglss
Long Time (Giles/Buffy, G) by phantom_milkie
Dreamland: All Work & No Play Part I, Part II, Part III (Giles/Wes/Xander, FRAO) by soft_princess
...Stays In Vegas (Giles/Xander, NC17) by soft_princess
4 Giles drabbles (Gen, FRT) by isis_whit

Giles icons, manips & walls by catzen20
Massive Giles pairing icon post by noelia_g
30 Summer of Giles incons with some Giles/Willow by lunglock
Giles/Willow & Giles/Buffy (and Giles) icons, banners & walls by watchersgoddess