June 29th, 2007


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I know this is a few hours early, but here is my offering for Saturday the 30th.

I'm SO not the computer chick! I have no idea if the
links will work, or for that matter if this post will
work, but here goes!

Here is my story, One step Away. It's pretty long, but
I think it's a good read.

Title: One Step Away

Author’s Name: Laura Sichrovsky
Rating: R
Pairing: Buffy/Giles

Summary: Giles has been suffering in silence over
his love for his Slayer. One sleepy night he lets more
slip than he should. What is Buffy going to do about
it? Does she feel the same? “Where do we go from

It's posted in five parts, here're the links:

Step Away - Part 1

Step Away - Part 2

Step Away - Part 3

Step Away - Part 4

Step Away - Part 5
Mentalist - Tea!
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FIC: If Strangers Meet, Part 3/7 (Giles/Spike)

My second contribution is a continuation to something that some of you might already be familar with. Last year I started writing a Giles/Spike fic for the "Spike What If" ficahon, but after two chapters it ended up in WIP hell for almost a year. But now, in honor of summer_of_giles, I give you part three of the adventures of young Giles in New York:

Title: If Strangers Meet
Summary: An AU where Spike didn't escape from that submarine and the Council sent post!Ripper-Giles to help a certain other watcher in New York.
Rated: R for swearing, violence and general creepines
Pairing: Eventually Spike/Giles with implied Giles/Ethan
Setting: Set in the late 70's with spoilers for "Dark Age" and "Why We Fight"
Disclaimer: I am not Joss.

Warning: this chapter is dark and bloody and creepy and the main reason why the fic is rated R for violence and other nasty things that go bump in the night.

Chapter one and two

If Strangers Meet, Chapter 3