June 27th, 2007

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Fanfic: Recovered

Hello all. My offering for this wonderful community is a fanfic, but it's a bit different. I based this story on a book, The Lost Slayer. I've written it in such a way that hopefully it will make sense if you have not read the story. If you have, and I've heard from numerous of you that loved the story as much as I did, well... I hope I did it justice.

Please don't let the fact this is based on a book scare you away. I really think/hope the story works for you if you have NOT read it.

Thank you to youmadeabear for the beta. Her point of view was from someone that had not read the book, and she liked it. (Although yes, I admit, she's prejudiced where I'm concerned. SMOOCH.)

Thank you to wide_rider for the second beta. She is the one that loaned me the book in the first place, and inspired me to write this story.

Spoilers up to the beginning of Season 4. Before Riley but after Parker.
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: B/G
Disclaimer: Of course I own nothing, make nothing, and only am taking the characters I love out for a spin!

Title: Recovered
By Ladyforash

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