June 25th, 2007

b/g - in the library

Monday Feedback!

Hi All,

I've found a secretly open port of the interwebs and am here with your weekly round up!  So take a look at the links below, and if you didn't get the chance during the week to visit these fantastic contributions, take a minute now and check 'em out. 

And don't forget -  everytime you feedback a slayer gets a new watcher (ok, maybe not, but feedback is so your friend!  and your friend's friend too!)

Destiny (Giles/Drusilla) PG15 by woman_of_
Marked Men (Giles/Severus Snape) NC17 by firefly124
Men Only (Giles/Xander) NC17 by woman_of_
Leave it to Rupert part 2 of 2 (Giles/Spike) M by lilithbint
Conspiracy Theory (link to final part & previous parts) (Giles/Xander) FRT by soft_princess & mireille719
As We Go Forward (link to final part & previous parts) (Giles gen) FRT by kaymickbee
The First Slayer (Giles gen) FRT by antennapedia
Thusia (link to final & previous parts) (Giles/Buffy) FRM by antennapedia
Inclusion (Giles) G by lilly_rose

Artwork Roundup (Wallpapers, Icons, Banners and more!) by mythichistorian
Giles/Spike banner and various icons by shanmara
Giles & the Girls Icons by kaymickbee
Gilesy Sunday Manips (B/G & Ripper) by koala1356