June 16th, 2007

Summer Giles

Graphics: Wallpaper and Banners - Decadent dreams

Fifth wave ...

The evening is drawing in on this side of the pond.  The air is heavy with the weight of the day, whispering the many possibilities that lie in the night yet to come.   It is on long, hot summer nights like these that magic seduces the senses, tempts the unwary and ensnares the willing mind.  And sorcerors find time to play ...

Some variations on a (not entirely worksafe) theme: 

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tara!smile by kate

Friday Feedback!

Urr..it's not Friday? Umm...Okay, how about Weekend Feedback!

There have been so many amazing contributions this week! So many lovely things to read and look at! You, contributors, never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness!

So, if you've been reading the second they get posted or waiting to read in a long haul (Giles is the best stress-buster out there *dreamy sigh*), here's your chance to (re)discover this past week's Giles-y goodness!

Remember: Leave feedback, save Sunnydale...okay, possibly too late for that, but leaving feedback will make someone's day!


+A Choice of Several Deaths (G/Ethan) by merrilily
+And Away We Go (Gen) by thistlerose
+The Anneverse (Faith/G) by faith_chaos
+Scent of a Slayer (Buffy/G) by gileswench
+A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Apocalypse (Gen) by gileswench
+In Need of Repair (G/Xander) by wiley_nilly
+In Between Trips to Vegas (G/Xander) by soft_princess
+...Stays in Vegas 1/5 (G/Xander) by soft_princess
+...Stays in Vegas 2/5 (G/Xander) by soft_princess
+...Stays in Vegas 3/5 (G/Xander) by soft_princess


+Graphics post: wallpapers, banners, icons by noelia_g
+Icons: SoG Requests! by darkershadeof
Graphics: photo manipulations, rated PG for pretty goofy by wickedfox
+Roundup of my posts links to all the day's contributions by lostgirlslair (bless her heart!)


+Favorite Giles Moments: Season 2, Part A by your friendly mods

Wow! Was that a list, or was that a list?! You guys are so awesome! I cannot wait to see what's in store for next (this) week!

Thank you so much for joining in on the fun!

Demon Giles

Graphics: Wallpaper, Banner and Icons - Demonic Doodling

Sixth and final wave ...

I hope you've all enjoyed my contributions today - I enjoyed making them, and it's been a pleasure to share. This last selection is ... well, just a bit of fun really. There are subtle manips, some not so subtle ones - and manips like these which go way, way overboard. *g*

Sometimes, like Ethan, I just like to play ... :-)

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