June 4th, 2007

60 Icons 'Duets`

My icons for this lovely community all have Giles and another character on it. Some of them are canonical, some of them are completely out of context. There might be some shippiness, so if the idea of Giles and underage Scoobies with slightly naughty undertones (totally R-rated. I think?) squicks you, please avoid your eyes. A fair share is not shippy at all, in fact, there are a lot downright silly icons. Well, I hope they're at least mildly funny... O.o

Anyway, I actually wated to take this topic through all seasons, but due to me taking forever to figure out what to actually do, I only made it to episode 3x14. Still, there are 60 icons that came out of this, and that's more than I'd exepected. So, basically, I'm giving myself Giles galore for my birthday... ;-)

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