June 2nd, 2007

tara!smile by kate

Favorite Giles Moments: Season 1

elizabuffy and I were thinking.... we've had so much Gilesy goodness on screen over the years.  There are great moments, sad moments, little firsts. 

Part of the power of the character is definitely due to the talents of Anthony Stewart Head.  He has fantastic expressions and wonderful mannerisms.  Beyond that, the writers, including Joss, created a pretty complex person to be the show's guide. 

So we thought we'd share some screencaps of these golden moments (and explain at least a little bit about why we like them so much)!  Come with us on this little trip down our Giles' memory lane.  This will be the first of six posts - one for each season with our favorite Watcher!

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Also, the screencaps beneath the cut are all sharable, so if you want to take them and make icons, headers, etc - go for it!  (heck, comment to this post too, we'd love to see what you make)  And if you think we've forgotten one of your favorite golden moments of season one, comment and link to YOUR favorite Season 1 screencap!

~Kate and e!