May 21st, 2007

b/g - in the library

Mod Post: Clarification Rule #2 New Works Only

We're going to sound like heavies.  We don't mean to be heavies.  And trust us, elizabuffy and I are incredibly pleased that there are so many of you who are so excited about posting at the comm that you're bursting at the seams.  That being said, we've noticed a couple of people have been so excited by the things that they're creating that they've posted them up on their own journals as "previews" for their posting date at the comm.  And we admit, this is a great way to generate interest.

However, if you post artwork/story/etc. prior to your day at the comm, please do not repost it here on your day. 

There aren't that many rules here.  elizabuffy and I want to encourage you as much as possible so we're not restrictive.  But sadly previews, especially of artwork, don't really work.  Our rule #2 states that you may only post new works.  If you've already showed something off at your journal, it's not exactly new anymore.  Our readers and feedbackers don't have any reason to hang out here if you do this - they can go watch your journals instead. 

For the cases where this has already happened, you can certinaly link back to your preview on your posting day.  It's highly encouraged!  We're not saying don't mention it!  And for those writers who are contributing a new chapter to fic that's been posted prior to the comm, please, link us to the beginnings of the story!  Link wherever you like! 

But as far as reposting?  We have to say no.  Please do not include those works previously posted somewhere else in your posting day.

If you have any questions at all about this, please comment, or email us both at katekat1010 @ @ We're happy to talk with you.

And for most of you, this isn't something you need to worry about.  But we wanted to be clear in case there was confusion.  New goodies.  New yum.  New Giles.

katekat1010  & elizabuffy